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Expedia Apply Coupon

Mobile API Packages Apply Coupon

Expedia Remove Coupon

Mobile API Packages Remove Coupon

Stripe Get Coupons

Returns a list of your coupons.

Stripe Add Coupons

You can create coupons easily via the coupon management page of the Stripe dashboard. Coupon creation is also accessible via the API if you need to create coupons on the fly.A coupon has either a percent_off or an amount_off and currency. If you s...

Stripe Delete Coupons Coupon

You can delete coupons via the coupon management page of the Stripe dashboard. However, deleting a coupon does not affect any customers who have already applied the coupon; it means that new customers can’t redeem the coupon. You can also delete c...

Stripe Get Coupons Coupon

Retrieves the coupon with the given ID.

Stripe Add Coupons Coupon

Updates the metadata of a coupon. Other coupon details (currency, duration, amount_off) are, by design, not editable.

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